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Global Diversity Group provides its clients with comprehensive, wide-ranging and high quality service that is cost effective.  Our services include:

Public Relations, Social Media, & Branding


Let us help brand your company or organization.  We can develop a strategy for promoting your company or organization.  We can assist you in promoting a service or product.  We can promote an event or a project you are about to launch. Are you interested in a public relations campaign that results in brand awareness, greater market penetration and an increase in revenue?  Do want to generate a buzz or change your image in a particular market segment?  Do you need a social media platform built for you?  Whatever your needs Global Diversity can deliver. It all starts with a innovative strategy reflective of creativity which Global Diversity can provide.

Event Planning and Management

Let us plan and manage your next event. We can plan and execute any event you may need whether it is large or small.   We can also integrate our other expertise with planning your event such as community outreach and public relations to provide volunteers, reduce your costs, assist with sponsorships and ensure the event is well attended.   Do you need some help with your event that you are already planning?  We can also assist you with one or more aspects of your event.


Our event planning includes developing a budget, project plan, and measurable goals. We can book your venue(s), obtain speakers, assist with fundraising, develop an effective and enlightening program or agenda, work with outside vendors whether it is a caterer or exhibiting company.  We can be your resource whether you are planning a business reception, expo, national tour, business meeting, fundraising event or community event.

Market Research and Community Outreach


Do you need data collected to justify a project or make enhancements to your services or products. Global Diversity has expertise and experience in data collection and compiling data in a presentation format for your needs.


If you need an outreach strategy into your local community, Global Diversity Group can help.  We can develop a strategy as well as go out and canvass for you or simply deliver your message or attract your constituent via social media.  Do you need a social media platform built for you?  Whatever your needs Global Diversity can deliver.

Assistance with Non-Profit

Whether you are a large or small non-profit, we can help you. Do you need help with your fundraising events?  We can plan, assist and/or manage your event and assist with the fundraising.  Do you have a grant for the rollout of a new program and need help making it a success.  Do you need help with providing documentation on your program and with the monthly reporting?  Do you need some outreach assistance or exposure for your organization or any of your programs?  Let us help you be successful.  We can provide assistance on a daily basis for a period of time or on a project basis.  We have special rates for non-profits. 

Assistance with Small Businesses


We offer an inexpensive package for small businesses.  At Global Diversity Group, we believe in small businesses as the future and are committed in making our small business clients a success.  As our small business clients grow, we grow!  We can provide public relations and branding or community outreach and social media.  Let us develop a plan to give you exposure, growth and longevity.​

Program/ Project Management Assistance


Global Diversity Group can help you with your project or program whether you are a corporation, small business, government agency or non-profit.  We can assist with the marketing or operational support.  We have experience on our staff with managing small or large scale projects or programs.  We can also help you develop a program or project to satisfy a grant or customer requirement.  Whether you need a week of help or years of help, we can be a resource for you. 

Event Planning and Management
Public Relations, Social Media & Branding
Market Research and Community Outreach
Assistance witih Non-Profits
Assistance with Small Businesses
Program/Project Management Assistance
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